Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sultry Sephora

In Milan I discovered many pretty things, this being one of them, I am kicking myself for not picking up at least three bottles, it's amazing and lasts all day long just as it says on the bottle. I thought Sephora was only available in America so you can imagine my joy when I saw a shop as I came out of Zara. I leapt right over to see what I could buy. I attempted matching myself with this foundation and then just for safe measures I asked a make up artist to match me and he chose this to, (not bad aye).

I just love this little gem and as far as make up goes this is simply amazing! It cost me around 14 euros which I thought was an absolute steal. I so wish we had a Sephora here! I love this so so much. It may call for another trip to Milan.
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