Monday, 7 October 2013

New Golden hair

 Dark & Lovely Rich Conditioning Colour - Golden Bronze 379 - £3.99 

Box contents: 
Cream developer - Fade resistant rich conditioning colour - Moisture rich conditioner - Step-by-step instructions - Pair of plastic gloves

For the past six months or so I've been sporting a honey blonde dip dyed look, an unintentional look as a result of my hair dye growing out. A look that (dare I say it) was really beginning to bore me. So, with the arrival of a new month, I decided to change all that. I genuinely missed my blonder days (both hair and my ditzy ways) and was on a mission to rekindle the good old days. I had to get my mojo back! 

I decided to head to Superdrug to see what I could find. After about ten minutes umming and ahhing whether or not to try a new dye, and to do the trusted strand test first, I decided to stick with what I knew best. I opted for the Dark & Lovely Rich conditioning colour, which has always been good to my hair for as long as I've used it. It's easy to apply and comes with gloves inside the box, as well as easy step-by-step instructions. I applied the dye and covered my hair and left it in for about 40 minutes (10 minutes longer than recommended) just to make sure the colour had sunk in. After a wash and blow dry, it immediately brightened my appearance.

It's fair to say I've finally got my mojo back and I'm back to my fun self again. Hello October!
Check my video here if you want to see what it looks like.
Shenae x
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