Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Real Techniques | Core Collection

Real Techniques Core collection - £21.99 Boots*

It's fair to say, I'm hooked! I've been meaning to buy these Real Techniques brushes for a while now but was constantly umming and ahhing whether I could justify paying £20.00 for brushes. It was only a matter of time before I had to bite the bullet and get these beauties. I kid you not, these aren't just any brushes, these are the best brushes (make up can apply) money can buy. I genuinely don't know how I managed without them but then I remembered I didn't use to wear makeup at all.

Contour brush - The much loved contour brush goes hand in hand with the buffing brush. On my new base, it's the next thing I do to add some dimension to my face. I use the contour brush to apply my highlighter first and then onto contouring my cheek bones with the Sleek contour kit (medium). It applies within seconds, I add a bit of highlight then my blush.

Pointed foundation brush - This brush is perfect for getting right under your eye with precision. I tend to pat the brush under my eye when applying a concealer to for a much more even finish under my eyes and this works perfectly for me.

Detailer brush - This brush is probably the one brush that I use least, but when I do feel like using it I use it for applying eye shadow.

Buffing brush - This brush is super soft, a smaller version of the powder brush and a lot more firm. It takes some getting used to, if like me, you have used the powder brush for a long time. As it is smaller than the powder brush, it is able to reach the smaller areas better, leaving a more finished look overall. I use this buffing brush to apply my MAC Studio fix foundation which applies easily within seconds, to give a lovely finished matte base.

Do you have these brushes, are you thinking of getting them?
Shenae xo

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